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Motiva Layama v1.22 update


Layama v1.22 update has been released! - New [All] Auto-updater. - New [All] Faster navigation, from 500% to 3000% speed gain in start movement. - New [All] Lite version released (limited to 4 cameras and only 1 variation). - New [Unreal] 4.26 support. - New [Unreal] Image quality improvements. - New [3dsmax] Improved V-Ray 5 support. - New [Blender] Keep existing composition nodes. -

Motiva Layama v1.22 update2020-12-18T12:52:50+01:00

Layama v1.2


After a lot of hard work Layama v1.2 has been released! - New [All] Alternative Scene Sets. - New [All] New camera control mode "Limited horizontal rotation". - New [All] Custom Camera FOV. - New [All] Custom Camera Speed. - New [All] Custom units support. - New [All] General improvements on the output web. - New [Unreal] General improvements on the Unreal plugin. -

Layama v1.22020-10-30T22:35:33+01:00

Layama v1.1 has been released


Motiva Layama v1.1 has been released! - New [All] Intercache methods (remember that each control has its complete description in the tooltip). - New [All] Merge different .lym scenes in one. - New [All] Support for Internet Explorer 11. - New [All] Layama App high DPI monitors improved support. - New [All] Available debug log file. - New [3dsmax] Small improvements in 3dsmax script. -

Layama v1.1 has been released2020-05-19T17:31:56+02:00

Anima v4.0 is out


We are glad to announce the new release of Anima introducing the new 4D characters, it took a lot of time, it was harder but we are really proud of this release! More info: https://www.axyz-design.com

Anima v4.0 is out2020-03-19T13:38:57+01:00

Layama has been released!


Today is the day! After a long time working on it, Layama has been released! Pseudo-VR navigation in any device: https://www.motivacg.com/layama/ SHARE YOUR ART WITH EVERYONE, RUN EVERYWHERE!

Layama has been released!2020-02-17T18:59:20+01:00

Next4Pro Conferences


We are really glad to announce that we'll be speakers at Next4Pro conferences, as well as some superb speakers like Javier Coronilla (the guy that made the Star Wars robots), Daniel Quintero (iToo Software),  Paco Delgado (HP) and lots of others, Next4Pro is an event focused on VR and XR, get your ticket now! https://www.eventbrite.es/e/entradas-next4pro-84922993961

Next4Pro Conferences2020-01-21T08:16:29+01:00

Blendiberia 2019


Finally the last talk of the year in the Google the for Startups Campus in Madrid it was a part of the Blendiberia 2019 event. Full talk available! (Spanish) https://youtu.be/pvjwwbM4R6c?t=25m00s

Blendiberia 20192020-01-08T08:40:34+01:00

SOA: Adding life to Venice


We will introduce Anima© software and explain the basic steps to start generating a realistic crowd. The goal will be to populate an area of venice with walking people, talking people standing and sitting.During the workshop we will go step by step discovering the main tools and some tricks to quickly understand the application. We will show all the available possibilities to render Anima©

SOA: Adding life to Venice2020-01-04T11:50:18+01:00

D2 Conferences at Vienna


For two days each year, the d2 Vienna hosts one of the largest gatherings of architectural visualization artists in the world. Converging from 26 countries worldwide, attendees from visualization studios, architecture offices, advertising agencies, and software companies come together to share knowledge and meet new faces in the industry. This year, AXYZ design Team presented "Human Evolution", an hour tour into anima® actual state,

D2 Conferences at Vienna2020-01-03T20:54:16+01:00

London UE for Architecture


  Unreal Engine Build:London’18 for Architecture will showcase how real-time visualisation technology is being used across the architecture and construction industries, enabling architects and their clients to experience projects in full photographic quality. The first day only 30 attendants from all the parts of the world were there and we shared a round table about the future of this industry, the second day Epic

London UE for Architecture2020-01-04T11:59:57+01:00
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