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Im-Arch in Venice


Víctor M. Feliz from Motiva has been invited as speaker in the Im-Arch festival (Venice, Italy) the first international conference on real time rendering, augmented, interactive and virtual reality, focused on design, architecture, real estate and cultural heritage. http://www.im-arch.com/ There will be other fantastic presenters like people from Zaha Hadid studio, Libeskind Architects, Epic Games, CG Architects and more. Briefing of the presentation: LOOKING BACKWARDS

Im-Arch in Venice2019-12-29T23:59:37+01:00

UNKNIT: New packing system


Some people asked us about Unknit performance with more complex scenes, organic models and so. Ok here is our response with the new beta that makes even better unwrap and includes a new uv packing system (we've compared state of the art methods with unknit) This tests were made using a totally automatic workflow without need of marking seams. Robot unwrapped Unknit

UNKNIT: New packing system2019-12-29T23:58:22+01:00

3DWire CPU/GPU/Realtime round table


My very first speach on a church! for an hour we've been discusing about the future technologies applied to render market. 3Dwire was a really really great event!

3DWire CPU/GPU/Realtime round table2020-01-04T12:12:00+01:00

UNKNIT: informal sneak peek


The year is ending, some projects are starting: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ISMYUq4jWtQ This kind of non-overlapping UVs are used not for regular texturing but in workflows where the texture is created using the UV channel, in example: Substance Painter, Mari or any baking system like lightmaps in Unreal/Unity. Hope you like it!

UNKNIT: informal sneak peek2019-12-29T23:57:05+01:00

Anima 3 has been released


The population tool for visualization professionals, in which one we are contributing as developers, releases a new version with support for Unreal Engine and other new fancy features: https://vimeo.com/241957454 https://secure.axyz-design.com/anima-3-release

Anima 3 has been released2019-12-29T23:55:33+01:00

Datasmith unveiled


We are glad to announce that finally the project we've been working for months has been unveiled on the LA SIGGRAPH 2017:   https://www.unrealengine.com/en-US/blog/introducing-datasmith-a-workflow-toolkit-for-unreal-engine   It was originally named as MUS (Motiva Unreal Scene) and presented on the 2016 3D Symposium but renamed as Datasmith after being purchased by Epic  At the SIGGRAPH Unreal Engine User Group on July 31, they gave the first public preview

Datasmith unveiled2019-12-29T23:52:29+01:00

Here are no dragons


A lecture in Mundos Digitales Festival about our new techniques and tools derived from our research in the computer graphics field of investigation. It's said that in medieval cartography you could find the inscription Hic Sunt Dracones (Here are dragons). These portentous words were accompanied by illustrations of snakes and sea monsters to identify unexplored regions. The purpose? To ward off wary sailors from the

Here are no dragons2019-12-29T23:50:45+01:00

3D Symposium


It has been a pleasure to speak about our point of view of the computer graphics sector with assistants to this great international event that has been made for the first time in Spain. Ciro Sannino has spoken about illumination and how to get photorealistic results using traditional photography, Aldo Garcia about the organization and how to deal with technical problems when you are working on a short

3D Symposium2019-12-29T23:48:58+01:00

Anima 2.0 has been released


We are delighted to announce the release of Anima 2, a completely revamped version of the fastest stand-alone character animation application for CG Artists, developed especially to create stunning 3D animated crowds in less time and with minimal effort. Check it out at http://bit.ly/1TRRVab  

Anima 2.0 has been released2019-12-29T23:47:23+01:00

Another way to use COLIMO


Design your own satchel bag! http://colourfieldcompany.com/design-your-own-satchel/ 3D models, software used and combinations/configurator made by motiva.

Another way to use COLIMO2019-12-29T23:46:25+01:00
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