Motiva Layama release

Motiva Layama v1.5

- New [All] Hotspots management and export.
- New [All] Improved auto-updater.
- New [All] More detailed information on some panels.
- New [All] Relative movement is set by default.
- New [3dsmax] 3dsmax 2022 support.
- New [3dsmax] Hostspots creation plugin inside 3dsmax.
- New [Blender] Hostspots creation addon inside Blender.
- New [Unreal] Hostspots creation plugin inside Unreal Engine.
- Fix [All] Minor license issues when not running as admin.
- Fix [Blender] Issues with versions newer than 2.90 and Cycles.

Motiva Layama v1.22

- New [All] Auto-updater.
- New [All] Faster navigation, from 500% to 3000% speed gain in start movement.
- New [All] Lite version released (limited to 4 cameras and only 1 variation).
- New [Unreal] 4.26 support.
- New [Unreal] Image quality improvements.
- New [3dsmax] Improved V-Ray 5 support.
- New [Blender] Keep existing composition nodes.
- Removed [Unreal] 4.23 support.
- Fix [All] Double clicking could make the viewport 'sticky' to the mouse cursor under some browsers in heavy scenes.

Motiva Layama v1.20

- New [All] Alternative Scene Sets.
- New [All] New camera control mode "Limited horizontal rotation".
- New [All] Custom Camera FOV.
- New [All] Custom Camera Speed.
- New [All] Custom units support.
- New [All] General improvements on the output web.
- New [Unreal] General improvements on the Unreal plugin.
- New [3dsmax] Delete scene animation option.
- Fix [All] Minor fixes.

Motiva Layama v1.18b

- New [All] Russian language added to the output web.
- Fix [All] Crash under some hardware configurations when exporting images using multithread.
- Fix [All] Web UI issues.
- Fix [All] Navigation slowdown in iOS systems.

Motiva Layama v1.18

- New [All] You can now define the user controls switching between short/long movement & rotation/no-rotation.
- New [All] Built-in offline browser.
- New [All] Mozjpeg compression and deprecated Webp fileformat.
- New [All] Multithread image export.
- New [All] Improved merge projects tool.
- New [All] Small UI rearrangements.
- New [3dsmax] V-Ray 5 support.
- New [3dsmax] Improved camera reordering.
- Fix [All] Issues with some IOS devices after its latest update.
- Fix [3dsmax] Disable 3dsmax region-render.
- Fix [3dsmax] Disable get resolution from V-Ray properties instead from max.
- Fix [3dsmax] Issues with duplicated camera names.
- Fix [Unreal] Unreal raytracing settings.
- Fix [Unreal] unreal cs file that could create some incompatibilities with other c++ plugins.
- Fix [All] Minor issues solved.

Motiva Layama v1.12

- New [3dsmax] V-Ray GPU Renderer support.
- Fix [All] Layama didn't open properly in some machines (caused by Qt).
- Fix [3dsmax] Exr configuration could bypass the render elements.
- Fix [Unreal] Unreal "keep settings" with Raytracing enabled (it could fix some user reports).
- Warning [Install] Since we upgraded the C++ dependencies it could take a while.

Motiva Layama v1.1

- New [All] Intercache methods (remember that each control has its complete description in the tooltip).
- New [All] Merge different .lym scenes in one.
- New [All] Support for Internet Explorer 11.
- New [All] Layama App high DPI monitors improved support.
- New [All] Available debug log file.
- New [3dsmax] Small improvements in 3dsmax script.
- New [Unreal] Unreal 4.25 support.
- New [Unreal] Higher quality export.
- New [Unreal] Screen percentage option.
- New [Unreal] Render output size.
- Fix [All] No logo support.
- Fix [Unreal] Unreal initial camera orientation.
- Fix [3dsmax] Issues in FStorm for 3dsmax.
- Fix [Blender] Several general bugfixes.
- Removed [3dsmax] "Net Render" in 3dsmax option has been disabled due to a historical 3dsmax bug (you still can use "prepare for render" to render it in your farm).

Motiva Layama v1.04

- New [3dsmax] 3DS Max 2021 support.
- New [Unreal] Highly improved quality. Best settings + raytrace could be slow.
- Fix [All] Digital signed license manager.
- Fix [3dsmax] Wrong navigation in scenes created with V-Ray or Corona.
- Fix [3dsmax] Wrong exposure adaptation with Corona camera.
- Fix [3dsmax] Fail with .exr files using integer mode instead floating mode.
- Fix [3dsmax] Camera names that start with a space character.

Motiva Layama v1.02

- New [Blender] First release of Blender connection addon, support for Blender, Eevee (just for previewing), and LuxCoreRender.
- New [All] Improved web resizing and camera fov behavior.
- New [All] Change wheel zoom direction (web/computer).
- New [All] Removed AVX2 instruction set dependencies.
- New [All] Detection of SSE2 instruction set to check if the processor is compatible with Layama.
- Fix [All] Improved support for being nested inside iframes.
- Fix [3dsmax] Workaround to deal with Corona bug and "high quality filter" and cubemaps in Corona V4.
- Fix [3dsmax] Check if RenderElements were enabled before rendering.
- Fix [3dsmax] Issues with 3dsmax 2016 and prior and export folder.
- Fix [3dsmax] Wrong behavior when render range was smaller than the required time.
- Fix [Unreal] Disabled screen space reflection.
- Fix [Unreal] Potential crash exporting using version 4.23.
- Fix [All] Issues with path that contains '&' symbol.
- Fix [All] Fix zooming issues when the web was placed inside an iframe.
- Fix [All] Minor bugfixes.

Motiva Layama v1.0

- New [3dsmax] Change in Corona Renderer to workaround one issue introduced in Corona 5 (they have a known bug in their default image filter), this could cause visible seams in Layama.
- New [3dsmax] Better Render Elements support in 3dsmax, which will help you with V-Ray denoising and postproduction tasks after the render.
- New [All] Full unicode support so you'll be able to use special characters in your scenes and images.
- Fix [All] Minor bugfixes.

Motiva Layama v1.0 RC

- First public version no public changelog available.

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