3D Symposium

It has been a pleasure to speak about our point of view of the computer graphics sector with assistants to this great international event that has been made for the first time in Spain.

Ciro Sannino has spoken about illumination and how to get photorealistic results using traditional photography, Aldo Garcia about the organization and how to deal with technical problems when you are working on a short film with V-Ray. Tamas Medve, the incredible artist from MIR told us about how they create that stunning images and their creative process.

Adán Martin, a really well-known name in the educational area showed us about the methods used in photogrammetry and how to get hyperrealistic textures and models. Patricio Navarro exposed his point of view about the future of Virtual Reality and the future opportunities.

Obviously myself (Víctor M. Feliz) about the new developments and techniques we are making in Motiva thank to our research in the computer graphics field.

It was a please to share that presentation with all these great professional guys.