Motiva is a company whose field of work is the creation of 3D digital models for images, videos or real-time content. Our business focuses on three points of the broad spectrum of computer graphics market that covers: Architecture/Civil Engineering, Advertising and Simulations/Engineering. We have also developed several innovative tools to improve workflow now also available to the public.

  • HOW?

    Creating a company based on a strong commitment to innovation and quality.

  • WHEN?

    The creation of the company was formalized in 2008, although the idea of the project was taking shape from long ago.

  • WHO?

    Motiva was initially formed by four partners with extensive prior work experience in this sector. Now we have a network of professionals which is able to make almost all complimentary services that our customers demand. Currently the two main production areas: content and R&D are under the supervision of Alejandro Suarez and Victor M. Feliz.

  • WHERE?

    We started in the South of Spain (Andalucía / Algeciras) but now you can find us in the North of Spain too (Castile and Leon / Valladolid).

  • WHY?

    In Motiva we know that work done with quality and reliability has always a place reserved in all markets.

    We will continue working to transform your ideas into digital images.

    REGARDS, the Motiva team