A lecture in Mundos Digitales Festival about our new techniques and tools derived from our research in the computer graphics field of investigation.

It’s said that in medieval cartography you could find the inscription Hic Sunt Dracones (Here are dragons).

These portentous words were accompanied by illustrations of snakes and sea monsters to identify unexplored regions. The purpose? To ward off wary sailors from the unknown by inspiring terror; to encourage the curious to avoid new territories and stay in the safe zone.

In the 3D and CG industry we often avoid our own snakes and sea monsters, limiting ourselves to the options offered up by client’s expectation, the current market and technology.

Motiva has been making incursions beyond the border since 2008, for clients such as BMW Designworks USA, D’Assault Systemes, Airbus and many others, and has received nominations and awards in several competitions at international level in the field of archviz.

In this presentation, we will discuss techniques and tools – which are already a reality – with someone who tries to push the limits a little further every day. We will explore new uses for technologies that are already familiar to us and survey a present that has already arrived, but many of us have yet to visit.

Along the way we’ll visit some hot topics like virtual reality and the visualization of elements in real time, but also other less well-mapped areas including techniques in screen space, neural networks and their use in visualization, for artistic purposes and industrial applications.

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