Víctor M. Feliz from Motiva has been invited as speaker in the Im-Arch festival (Venice, Italy) the first international conference on real time rendering, augmented, interactive and virtual reality, focused on design, architecture, real estate and cultural heritage. http://www.im-arch.com/

There will be other fantastic presenters like people from Zaha Hadid studio, Libeskind Architects, Epic Games, CG Architects and more.

Briefing of the presentation: LOOKING BACKWARDS TO SEE THE FUTURE

Using VR for visualization as it pertains to workflow and content creation, provides many tough challenges to artists and developers. Most of them were subject of investigation in the past, but they were not resolved or at least in an efficient way, since lots of manual labour is still needed to achieve a proper result.

Our goal in this session is to review these techniques, how to utilize them in a more modern context and expose future innovations for high quality content creation and workflow acceleration.”

We also promise to unveil some interesting things 😉
Really exciting days ahead!