MOTIVA COLIMO: Unlimited realtime changes

Create any variation, over your prerendered images, in a easy and fast way for your presentation, catalogs or any other use. Change colors, textures, lights, focus point and stereoscopic effects in realtime fron a single scene in a fast and easy way.

Any posibility you can imagines from a single scene without changing your common workflow.

Client relationship and catalogs

Improve the workflow with your clients by letting them play with materials, Select and change anything you want in realtime.

Create a catalog with all possible variations in minutes without losing your render original quality, even suitable for insane amount of combinations that cannot be rendered using traditional methods

Save time, save money

Make changes to your scenes in realtime instead of re-rendering.

The changes include light power and color, raytraced reflections and refractions, as well as the global illumination effect given by the material changes.

Motiva COLIMO license

Buy Motiva COLIMO 1.8! software in our store just for 139€ or buy 4 licenses and get 1 for free.


Video overview and usage tutorials.


Main features and basic requirements.


Frequently asked questions in the user community.


Full working demo version (watermarked output)