Colimo uses 2D images to be independent of the render engine. But you need a special pass with Vray, Mental Ray or Modo so is required to be available on your system (included in 3dsMax, Maya and Softimage). You can also do it via Thea Render and therefore compatible with Sketchup, Blender and Cinema4D.

You can see it in the tutorials section: Videos and DEMO. The automatic method is available only in 3DMax by a script included in the package.

No, Colimo don’t handle 3D data, it works only with 2D buffers.

Hardware: Graphics Card with Shader Model 3.0 (almost anyone)

Software: DirectX9 and updated libraries Microsot Framework .NET 3.5

Yes, for all versions numbered 1.xx

Yes, you can see it on the purchase area

Theoretically up to 8192 pixels but most graphic cards have problems from resolutions above 6000.

Yes, they are free for Colimo customers

Yes, but for use IT simply select one and all instances will change simultaneously.

Yes, but when you choose one the panel prompts you to select a sub-material instead of the parent.

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Motiva COLIMO license

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Video overview and usage tutorials.


Main features and basic requirements.


Frequently asked questions in the user community.


Full working demo version (watermarked output)